Zú Group - Escazú


Location:   International Baptist Church, Guachipelín

In person meetings will resume at the International Baptist Church. 9 AM Saturday meetings will continue to observe Health Ministry guidelines to ensure the health and safety of attendees. 

online meetings will continue to be held every morning and evening. Click here for more information.

  Monday 8 am -  Big Book

  Tuesday 8 am - Open Prayer/Meditation

  Wednesday 8 am - 12x12

  Thursday 8 am - Came to Believe

  Friday 8 am - Living Sober

  Saturday 9 am - Open/Daily Reflection (Speaker meeting the last Saturday of the month)

  Sunday 12:30 pm - Speaker meeting (open meeting), Al-Anon speaker the last Sunday of the month





  Fred: 6046-9328

  Todd: ​ 8985-9773





  Mia: 2293-4322

  Joanne W: 8310-2915

  Barbara B: barbrocket@yahoo.com





on the Autopista (highway) Próspero Fernández, route 27, from San José via Escazú heading toward Santa Ana, take the Guachepelín exit which is the next exit after you pass the Multiplaza shopping mall on your left (don’t worry: you can’t miss it). Go right at the end of the off-ramp (you’ll see the Construplaza hardware store on your left) and immediately take another right. Follow the paved road up the hill and the church entrance is on your left.


Link to Map:


Location (for GPS): 9° 56′ 58″ N, 84° 09′ 37″ W (9.949444, -84.160278)