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 Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Meetings Are In-Person


Wednesday: 11:00 am –  Open AADominical Happy Hour Group

(Topic Meeting)

Sunday: 9:15 am – Open AADominical Happy Hour Group

(Literature Study, Last Sunday of the month is a speaker meeting)


Location:  meetings Are Outdoors on Top Of The Covered Rooftop Deck At The Back Of Plaza Solo Bueno (Park Behind The Offices)

Click Here For The Google Map Location Of The Meeting


Contacts (WhatsApp):


Jason G – email Jason or call: +506-8706-3087

Susan S:  +506-8947-7097

Claude D: +506-8750-3268

Don D:  email Don or call +506-8891-6700

Jennifer G  (Al-Anon): email Jennifer or call +506-8718-8312

These are open meetings of AA for alcoholics, those who think they may have a drinking problem, or other interested and supportive individuals.


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