Never Alone: Costa Rica AA

Welcome! Despite the party reputation, the live and let live lifestyle, Alcoholics Anonymous is alive and well in Costa Rica. You don’t have to drink with us to have a good time.

FRIENDLY WARNING: Sometimes a meeting is cancelled and nobody tells me! Please email or call the group contact before you head out and confirm that the meeting is still on. When you discover one has been abandoned, please let me know. This is an all-volunteer effort and you are part of it :)

To find English-speaking AA meetings in Costa Rica

  • Look to your right.
  • Find your town in the column and click on it.
  • You will be taken to a page listing all the meetings we know about in that town. Meetings are updated as I am informed of them.
  • If your town is not listed in the right-hand column, that means we don’t know of a meeting in that town yet.
  • If you go to an English speaking meeting not listed here, please let me know so I can add it.

If there is no meeting listed for your town, find the one that is closest:

  • You must know the PROVINCE where your town is located. There are often towns of the same name in each province.
  • Once you are looking in the right province on the map, find your town. It takes some searching, don’t give up :) You can zoom in on the map.
  • Now find your province in the right-hand column and see where the meetings are in that province. Then contact the meetings that look closest to your town on the map.
  • You can also email/call your hotel concierge. They can probably help you figure out the closest meeting.
  • If you can’t find an English-speaking meeting, you can always attend a Spanish-speaking meeting. AA is big in Costa Rica and there are almost always plenty of Spanish meetings, no matter how small the town. You will be welcome. It has always still worked for me, even when I don’t understand a word. “Soy Sara y soy alcohólico.”
  • If you write and ask me to help you find a meeting, I have to go through all the steps listed above, too. As much as I’d like to help you find a meeting, I can’t always. Please locate a meeting in your province and ask for help through that contact. Thank you!

If you have questions, please visit the FAQs page.

Pura vida,
Sally Oh

P.S. We are in need of literature. If you are coming to Costa Rica and can bring literature and/or chips, please email the contact for the group you will be attending and see what they need. Thank you.